Five Facilities and Project Solutions provide a one-stop turn-key solution to our commercial and retail clients.


Founded in 2015, the Five Group have grown from a drainage and heating company to now being able to offer a full project management solution to our commercial and retail clients. We are able to facilitate the delivery of a diverse array of projects to our clients which puts us in a favourable position – coupled with our knowledge and available trades across the Group which is unrivalled in the industry.

  • National focus – We operate throughout the UK

  • First Class Service – We offer unparalleled customer service

  • People focused – Our focus is on people


We hold customer service and value at the forefront of our business and believe that it is imperative to provide both in equal measure. The Five Group follow the principle of providing an uncompromising standard of service using both our innovative and forward-thinking knowledge and state of the art machinery.

We have a long list of accreditations to our name and we will continue to add to these accreditations now and in the future. We also place a lot of emphasis on health and safety and have a highly skilled and qualified team of health and safety officers that make sure all of our projects are fully compliant and safe.

Click here for more information on our extensive list of accreditations.

Sustainable facilities management is extremely important, because keeping facilities functional and optimal is a necessity in the corporate world today. Unsustainable facilities management practises might be easier, but they compound into larger problems later on, leading to overspending in areas like repair and maintenance.

We operate our business from Five House in Belvedere, Kent , just inside the M25 and we have great access to all areas of the south east of England where we serve over 150 clients with a team of over 100 engineers and operational staff.

Our core values of planning, dedication, hard work and a demand for perfection in everything that we do translates into satisfied clients at the end of every project that we undertake.

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Sectors and Services

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